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Get in touch if you need an experienced professional to:

  • have a workshop or get strategic support about how to grow your impact
  • inspire you and your crowd about social innovation or social entrepreneurship
  • help with your strategic planning
  • select innovative projects (yes yes a jury member)
  • coach your social enterprise
  • expand your network beyond the usual suspects

Kaat Peeters is a Belgian impact maker. For years, Kaat managed the ‘Sociale Innovatiefabriek’, an accelerator for social innovation and social entrepreneurship. Building a network, strengthening social entrepreneurs and social innovators, sharing stories that need to be told, setting up international collaborations,… are the kind of activities Kaat took on her plate.

Nowadays, Kaat co-ordinates the Research Centre for Sustainable Organizations, is a lecturer at the University Colleges ‘Erasmushogeschool’ and HOGENT and she supports impact organisations with the design and implementation of their growth strategies. She’s also a keynote speaker and brings hands-on workshops on scaling strategies. Kaat is board member of Demos, The Shift, EVA, CLT Gent, Rising You, Larf, Zephyrus and member of the general assembly of Timelab

Kaat is author of two books on impact and social entrepreneurship: ‘Zaken die je Raken’, Verloop W., Hillen K. and Peeters K., 2018 and ‘Leaving a Legacy. Grow Your Social Impact’, Peeters K. and Mohout O., 2020

“Kaat talks and writes about ‘leaving a legacy’. Others about ‘common good’ or ‘noble purpose’. In my opinion, it’s all about the same impact perspective. Let’s always take this view when we do business, when we spend money, when we live together,…”- Piet Colruyt, Impact Investor and founder of Impact House