Let’s define the impact you want to achieve; the legacy you want to leave. In these worshops you’ll explore in a fully interactive way different scaling strategies. Scale up, scale deep and yes: scale out and scale down as well. Choose the formula (public or in-house) and the language you prefer.

“This session gave us inspiration and tools to thoroughly review our strategy. An eye opener that has now set us on our way to have much more impact and leave a great legacy!”

“Wonderful energy in the room, clear step by step learning about what your next step might be in just 2 hours. You leave the room with a mini legacy statement. You then keep changing it in the week after….” – Elke Jeurissen, inclusive leadership expert; Fierce Ladies network

“The ‘Leave a Legacy’ workshop with Kaat is very hands-on. It not only shows that there’s more to scaling than the obvious upscaling but it also provides language to frame the things that you are already doing.” – Stefan Goemaere, Papillon Project

” De spreker kent haar ‘stiel’. Ze heeft ons meegenomen, niet door een boel theorie te spuien, maar door storytelling te doen. Alle voorbeelden fungeren als kapstok en maakten de theorie behapbaarder, visueler, herkenbaarder. “

On demand/in-house workshops ‘Leaving a Legacy’

  • Live inspirational session: does your organisation or crowd want to get inspired about impact, growing impact and leaving a legacy? Then, this keynote with a lot of great examples is a perfect fit!
  • Live interactive workshop: for impact makers of all kind. Do you work or run an organisation and you want to explore how you can grow your impact? This workshop will have you defining your own legacy statement and the different strategies you can use to leave a great legacy.
  • Interactive online workshop: the same kind of workshop but in an online format.

Kaat Peeters. Picture: Frank Toussaint

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