If you’re serious about making an impact: these interesting tools can help you to make a difference.


  • In an organisation that is in full growth, opportunities often present themselves eagerly
  • A growing team means that there are more people who come up with ideas
  • With an increase in partnerships, the demand for new projects increases as well.

This means that an organisation often has to assess whether or not it is a good idea to launch a new project. After all:

  • The new may look so tempting, but the organisation as a whole could suffer.
  • Growing to grow is never a good idea; it has to be valuable
  • The risk of ‘bleeding money’ lurks around the corner, even in projects that at first sight appear to be self-supportive.
  • A lot of pressure can break both employees and stakeholders

This assessment framework is based on the principles of design thinking. With an eye on sustainable motivation, viability is replaced by sustainability in the dashboard below


How do you leave a legacy? How do you leave a better world for the next generations? Make and increase positive impact! Use this legacy canvas to define the legacy you want to leave and the strategies you will use to achieve your goal. This legacy canvas is the central tool in the book Leaving a Legacy. You can download it here for free.

Impact Wizard guides you through the impact assessment process step by step. You’ll find everything you need to prepare and execute an impact assessment: from a handy, online template for a theory of change to a whole range of methods to actually measure and analyse your impact.

Voor het Sociaal InnovatieFonds van Stad Gent ontwikkelden Annelies Poppe en ik samen een toolbox met een variatie aan methodieken. De Toyota-methode, brain writing, COCD-Box, stakeholdermapping en een allesomvattende zin. Neem snel een kijkje als je ook werkt aan een sociale innovatie.

Heading to a pitch? Grab this opportunity to get some tips from ‘pitch master’ Michael Koenka. In this free comprehensive guide, Michael learns you the 10 ways to f*ck up your pitch. Hide out of sight, go on forever, be boring,… are possible ways for instance. Luckily, Michael gives you tips to get your audience excited about what you do.

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