Book launch ‘Leaving a Legacy’

Thrilled to invite you all to our book launch!!

die Keure Publishing, Ashoka Belgium and Impact House join forces for the launch of ‘Leaving a Legacy, Increase your social impact’, that I wrote together with Omar Mohout.

On the 18th of June, 4.00 pm – 5.15 pm CET, a vibrant webinar moderated by Anika Horn, will bring you an introduction by Perinne De Le Court and Piet Colruyt (Ashoka and Impact House) about the importance of system change and collaboration; inspiration and insights about how to leave a legacy by the authors Kaat Peeters and Omar Mohout and testimonials of two legacy makers: Benjamin Gerard (Rising You-on his way to better the lives of refugees) and Didier Pierre (Nnof -on his way to make circular economy the norm).

Get carried away by the impact point of view and discover how you can grow the impact of your organisation too. Subscribe to this free webinar. Participants will be offered a unique reduction fee for the book/e-book.

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