How to choose whether to go for a new project or not?

  • In an organisation that is in full growth, opportunities often present themselves eagerly
  • A growing team means that there are more people who come up with ideas
  • With an increase in partnerships, the demand for new projects increases as well.

This means that an organisation often has to assess whether or not it is a good idea to launch a new project. After all:

  • The new may look so tempting, but the organisation as a whole could suffer.
  • Growing to grow is never a good idea; it has to be valuable
  • The risk of ‘bleeding money’ lurks around the corner, even in projects that at first sight appear to be self-supportive.
  • A lot of pressure can break both employees and stakeholders

So: I created an assessment framework based on the principles of design thinking. With a focus on sustainable motivation, viability is replaced by sustainability in the dashboard that you can download from my site

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