Progetto Quid: scaling impact to foster inclusive employment

The day I met Anna, is the day my stubborn belief in people as changemakers got birth. Anna has become an icon to me and to the many people I’ve been telling about her. In case you didn’t hear me about Anna yet: this woman started a great social enterprise out of nothing. A missionContinue reading “Progetto Quid: scaling impact to foster inclusive employment”

The art of combining different scaling strategies

This morning, I could inspire the participants of the Ashoka Impact Programme 2020 about how to scale impact. What a great group of social entrepreneurs who are crafting innovative circular models and impactful solutions to build a sustainable future!  I presented the preview of the legacy canvas, part of our book in publication “Leaving a Legacy”. With thisContinue reading “The art of combining different scaling strategies”

Boosting competition to scale your impact: the Skateistan example

Wow! Thanks to corona times (I know: it’s odd to be thankful to a virus, but it has some collateral goodness to it) I was able to join an online session of the Skoll World Forum. Having an interest in scaling impact, I was happy to see a session entitled ‘Empowering Competitors to Scale Impact’.Continue reading “Boosting competition to scale your impact: the Skateistan example”