Progetto Quid: scaling impact to foster inclusive employment

The day I met Anna, is the day my stubborn belief in people as changemakers got birth. Anna has become an icon to me and to the many people I’ve been telling about her. In case you didn’t hear me about Anna yet: this woman started a great social enterprise out of nothing. A missionContinue reading “Progetto Quid: scaling impact to foster inclusive employment”

Robinetto: scaling impact to make tap water the obvious choice

With increasing astonishment I observed the hoarders when lockdown started: toilet paper, pasta, flour and water. Waaaaaater? Who buys bottled water and then drags it to a house where good drinking water flows from the tap?? This really goes beyond my mind. Unfortunately, my astonishment doesn’t seem to be shared by many. In Belgium, weContinue reading “Robinetto: scaling impact to make tap water the obvious choice”

Internationaal schalen: vergt tijd én lef.

“Hier spreekt ervaring!” sprak een stemmetje in m’n hoofd toen ik afgelopen vrijdag aan de salontafel zat van Bob Elsen, oprichter van Joker Reizen en de ViaVia reiscafés. In een webinar onder de titel ‘Impact International’ kluisterden 16 impact ondernemers zich virtueel mee aan Bob z’n lippen en leerden we van hem hoe hij sindsContinue reading “Internationaal schalen: vergt tijd én lef.”

Boosting competition to scale your impact: the Skateistan example

Wow! Thanks to corona times (I know: it’s odd to be thankful to a virus, but it has some collateral goodness to it) I was able to join an online session of the Skoll World Forum. Having an interest in scaling impact, I was happy to see a session entitled ‘Empowering Competitors to Scale Impact’.Continue reading “Boosting competition to scale your impact: the Skateistan example”